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Baiser Beauty

Two friends with a passion for nature and consciousness wanted to make a difference in the world by creating beauty products with a higher purpose. Baiser Beauty was born summer 2014, with the intent of being an eco-conscious and pure beauty brand that would bring awareness to consumers about respecting the planet, ourselves and all living beings. 

The collection of makeup and skin care provides a holistic approach to beauty. Every product has healing, nourishing and restorative properties, that balance our mind, body and spirit.

The line is handcrafted, cruelty free, chemical/toxic free and vegan friendly. Baiser Beauty develops clean and beautiful formulas for everyday basic needs, using the highest quality 100% certified organic plant-based, aroma-therapeutic grade ingredients that restore skin cells, and align our chakras.

In the future, Baiser Beauty wants to be a well established eco-conscious holistic beauty business, dedicated to creating an equilibrium on earth for more sustainable living.